Michal O'Dwyer, with one of the rare cats left in Venice.
Michal O’Dwyer, with one of the rare cats left in Venice.

MICHAL Yudelman O’Dwyer is a writer, journalist and translator living in Tel Aviv. Along with a journalistic career spanning 20 years in a national newspaper, she has written short stories in several English-language anthologies published by Ang-Lit Press – Tel Aviv Short Stories, More Tel Aviv Short Stories and Love in Israel – and in the Hebrew language anthology The Journalist Who Crossed the Line (Modan Press).

She has also been published in the International New York Times-Haaretz. She is currently writing a memoir of her childhood in the almost vanished world of the kibbutz and in South Africa, and of life spent in Israel through several wars.

She was born on an Israeli kibbutz and served in the Israel Defense Forces intelligence branch, stationed in the Egypt’s Sinai here she experienced first hand the war of attrition in the years following the 1967 Six Day War.

Michal graduated from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University in Jerusalem in English Literature and Philosophy before going to the United States, where she secured an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Chicago. She also lived and studied in New York and Salt Lake City, before returning to Israel and becoming a journalist.

She is married to the Irish journalist and writer Thomas O’Dwyer, lives near Tel Aviv shoreline and feeds several cats, two of them her own.

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